400 Series windows

400 Series windows & DOORS

A Better Choice for Your Home.

Whether you’re replacing, remodeling or building new, Andersen®  400 Series windows and patio doors offer many advantages over vinyl.

  • Available in a variety of rich dark colors with finishes that are made to last and designed to retain stability and rigidity in all climates
  • Environmentally responsible and energy efficient
  • Made of innovative Fibrex® composite material, which is 2X stronger and 12X thicker finish than painted vinyl* and can withstand temperatures up to 150°

*When 400 Series products were tested against five leading competitors’ painted vinyl products.

Innovative And Sustainable

Sleek profiles, contemporary style and dark colors with a durable, low-maintenance finish.

What's It Made Of?

Made of Fibrex® composite material, which is twice as strong and rigid as vinyl

Energy Efficiency

It's built into every window. We have options to help you meet the performance level you need.

Learn More About 400 Series Windows & Doors

400 Series Windows

Awning Window


  • What: The one that cranks open from the bottom
  • Where: Often placed higher on walls for privacy and airflow
  • Fun Fact: Can stay open in the rain so you hear the pitter-patter & feel the fresh air
Casement Window


  • What: The one that cranks open
  • Where: Popular above kitchen sinks because they’re so easy to open
  • Fun Fact: Can be as big as 8 ft. tall for more light and fresh air
Bay & bow windows


  • What: The cozy nook with at least three windows
  • Where: Most often used in living rooms and bedrooms
  • Fun Fact: Angled out beyond the house wall, for extra space inside
Tilt-wash double-hung windows


  • What: The one that slides up and down
  • Where: Often placed… well, everywhere
  • Fun Fact: One of the most common windows in America
Gliding windows


  • What: The one that slides side to side
  • Where: Often found in kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms
  • Fun Fact: Like a sliding glass door, but smaller
Specialty Window


  • What: The one that doesn’t open, but comes in fun shapes
  • Where: Often used as a design statement
  • Fun Fact: A shape to fit even the most unique personalities
Picture windows


  • What: The one that doesn’t open
  • Where: Often combined with windows that do open
  • Fun Fact: Great way to frame views and fill your space with natural light
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