FInished attic ideas

Finishing an attic can add valuable living space to your home while also creating a unique and cozy atmosphere. Here are some ideas to consider:

Bedroom Retreat

Turn your attic into a tranquil bedroom retreat. Install skylights or dormer windows to bring in natural light, add built-in storage to maximize space, and opt for a soothing color palette to create a relaxing ambiance.

Home Office

Transform your attic into a productive home office space. Consider adding built-in desks and shelves to make the most of the available space. Ensure proper lighting and ventilation for a comfortable working environment.

Entertainment Room

Create a dedicated entertainment room where you can relax and unwind. Install a projector or large screen TV for movie nights, add comfortable seating options like bean bags or a sectional sofa, and consider soundproofing the space for optimal audio quality.

Art Studio

If you’re an artist or enjoy crafting, consider converting your attic into a bright and inspiring art studio. Install skylights or large windows to flood the space with natural light, and add ample storage for art supplies.


If you have children, turning the attic into a playroom can be a great idea. Include fun features like a climbing wall, slide, or indoor swing, and make sure to incorporate plenty of storage for toys and games.

Guest Suite

Create a comfortable guest suite for visitors. Include a bedroom area, en suite bathroom, and perhaps a small sitting area. Opt for versatile furniture like a sleeper sofa or Murphy bed to maximize space when the room is not in use.

Fitness Studio

: If you’re into fitness, consider turning your attic into a home gym or yoga studio. Install rubber flooring for shock absorption, add mirrors to create the illusion of space, and incorporate storage for workout equipment.

Reading Nook

Create a cozy reading nook where you can escape with a good book. Install built-in bookshelves, add a comfortable armchair or window seat, and include soft lighting for ambiance.

Music Room

If you’re musically inclined, consider turning your attic into a music room. Soundproof the space to minimize noise disturbance, and add storage for instruments and equipment.

Mini Bar or Lounge

Create a stylish mini bar or lounge area where you can entertain guests or unwind after a long day. Install a bar counter, add comfortable seating, and consider incorporating mood lighting for a relaxed atmosphere.
Whatever you choose, make sure to consider the practical aspects such as insulation, heating, and cooling to ensure that your finished attic is comfortable year-round.

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