Home Restoration

The Problem! – Water and pests are both invasive and destructive forces that have been known to cause more damage to homes then virtually anything else. Water and small pest will make their way into your home through any small crack found around windows, doors, soffits and house vents. Larger animals like mice, rats, squirrels and raccoons will use their claws and teeth to make any small hole larger gaining access to any place in your home.

Why you should be concerned? – It’s in the home where the real damage starts. Water will cause rot and mold and can lead to structural damage, while pests will eat through anything they can get their mouths on including things like electrical wires and structural timber. Both have been known to effect ones health and have been the cause of many severe reactions.

What can you do? Start with a FREE inspection by a ProRANA professional. We will let you know of any vulnerable areas where access is possible, confirm if water or pests have made access into your home, and advise you of any sited damage.

Now What? – Determining if you have a pest or water issue is half the battle and its a good start, but if a problem is found action must be taken to stop the problem from getting worst. Here is what we need to do next!

  • Contact Your Insurance Company ( You may Have Coverage)
  • Remove or terminate any pest (Humanly if required)
  • Remove and discard of any and all materials destroyed by invasion
  • Treat contaminated areas as needed.
  • Restore structure and finish to original or better

The Facts – While some homeowners suspect they have a water leak or pest invasion, most fail to comprehend the urgency behind the signs they are seeing, leading them to put off doing anything about them until it becomes a major, expensive issue.

Don’t make this mistake, get your free inspection today!